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Packages & Prices

How does it work?

Follow this step-by-step explanation, and you will easily make a purchase.

Select the package

We offer a list of packages on our website, and all you gotta do is browse through these packages and pick one package or multiple packages that you think would give you the suitable number of views you require on your Facebook videos.

Give Your Details

We only ask for the link or the URL to your Facebook video where we would deliver the bought package. We do not ask for passwords or sensitive information and request you to kindly not type your passwords or give any other sensitive information about you.

Select the mode of online payment

Next, you will be directed to a page where you will have to select the online payment mode from various options given, and as soon as you do that, we will start processing your order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to buy Facebook video views?

If you want to become Facebook famous and transform a small number of views into a high number of views on your Facebook videos, then it is best if you buy Facebook video views from

Can I buy Facebook video views multiple times?

Yes, we offer multiple packages; hence, depending on the timeline, you can buy these packages from us.

Why should I buy Facebook video views from

Unlike other marketing agencies, we provide better services such as instant delivery, 100% guaranteed results, 24/7 customer support, building engagement and offering affordable prices.

Are the Facebook video views real?

Yes, if you are looking for real Facebook video views, then is the place that will help you by providing authentic views from real Facebook users.

What details should I type to buy Facebook video views?

You only need to add the URL to your Facebook video account. Please do not add the URL to your Facebook reels.

Is buying Facebook video views legal?

If it weren’t legal, we wouldn’t have existed, and our site would never be published on Google. So do not hesitate because buying Facebook video views is legal, and we ensure that the policies of Facebook are well catered.

Are the Facebook video views original?

If you sign up with, we assure you that the original package we delivered to you is original. These are real Facebook users who use the platform regularly and will increase your view count daily.

Can I buy Facebook video views?

If you are a content creator or a brand looking to strengthen your recognition on Facebook, then yes, you can buy our services that will help you increase your reach exponentially. But, if you are a Facebook user and want to make it big on this platform, you two can amplify the visibility of your content by purchasing with us.

Do you ask for a password to buy Facebook video views?

No, we do not ask for passwords because all we require is a URL to your Facebook video.

How to buy Facebook views from

All you gotta do is select a package that suits your needs and finances. Next, enter the URL to which you want us to send Facebook views. Then finally, complete the online payment process and enjoy the views you receive on your Facebook videos.

Can the package be customized?

Yes, absolutely. According to your requirements and preferences, we will customize the package for you. If you are looking for a customized version, don’t hesitate to contact a customer support team, as we will walk you through building a package suitable for your brand.

How to choose the right package to buy Facebook video views?

It is important to learn about the needs of your brand or content and the finances you have been handed before you make a choice. It also depends on your number of Facebook followers and the type of interaction you create on Facebook.

When will my package be delivered to me?

As soon as you complete the online transaction, we get confirmation and start processing your delivery. We have a benchmark of delivering services within the next 10 minutes of the purchase. However, depending on the type of delivery and package, there can be a variation in the timings. Hence please see the specified time shown on the screen for the delivery.

Why should you buy Facebook video views?

Get Facebook Famous

There are millions of people on Facebook who create videos just like you. But how do you create a different video from all your competitors that make your audience pause and convince them to watch your videos? Well, Facebook’s popularity cannot be built overnight, and yet some people fail to gather the recognition they require even after trying hard for several years. We understand this and work towards giving a platform to all the struggling and yet not giving up the attitude of Facebook users who want to make it big on this platform and through Facebook video views, you get a chance to increase the total number of views that you get on your videos.

Get Facebook Famous
Monetize your Facebook account

Monetize your Facebook account

When you buy Facebook video views, it automatically reflects on all the videos that you create on Facebook. Therefore, many Facebook video views will increase your algorithm and offer you a higher ranking amongst the Facebook users who create the same videos. As Facebook users scroll through their screen on this platform, your profile can enter the explorer page, or your videos can come into their suggestion list as they explore Facebook deeply.

When they see many views already on your content, they may pause to see why so many people have already viewed your video. By the time they reach this conclusion, they have already added up to your views which means your total number of views increases, and you can also earn money for every thousand views you receive on this platform.

Increase interaction

If asked to choose between two Facebook users, one who hardly has a few 100 views and the other who has thousands of views, it is obvious that the latter has higher interaction than the former. Facebook video views also help people decide who is more popular or whose content is better when they have to pick between different videos given to them on this platform.

Moreover, a high number of Facebook video views is influential in telling people that your content is worth the watch because it has already gathered so many views from people. In this way, if people click on your video, they will like it, comment on it and even share the video on various other platforms, including Instagram or WhatsApp.

Increase interaction
Buy facebook video views 1

Great for your business

Facebook has emerged as a very impressive e-commerce platform wherein you can now market your brand and business through a catalog of products and services. Moreover, you can create various content-related videos, which include advertising your products or services, video manuals wherein you show people how to use your products or customer reviews and testimonials to reach maximum customers and increase your potential customer base. When you already have many Facebook video views, the other Facebook users will take note of this. It will help you create a brand image and, at the same time, give the required reliability to your business to attract loyal customers.
Packages for Facebook views are available at

How to Increase Views On Your Facebook Posts

Buy Facebook video views

Buy Facebook video views from us

The easiest way to increase views on Facebook posts is by buying our packages, which offer you various options. We have a package list available for you, and depending on how many views you want on your Facebook videos, you can select any package, and we will process it for you without any hassle. This is a smart tendon organically to increase your Facebook views overnight and boost your confidence to create more engaging videos.

Furthermore, with the best affordable prices in the market, we allow you to increase your Facebook engagement and also monetize your account because an increasing number of Facebook video views will help you secure a rank on the Facebook algorithm.

Buy facebook 1 minute video views

Add consistent content

It is important that you create content consistently and not abruptly. Suppose you look closely at some famous radios online, such as those of inspirational videos by Nas daily or Jay Shetty. In that case, you will observe that they keep posting short and crisp videos consistently. Though the stories are about different people and geographical conditions, the format of the story is always the same. What interests people is the different thinking they come up with whenever they present a story on the screen.

More importantly, you will notice that there is always a positive message which is given at the end of the video, which also acts as a point of gaining attention from the audience because they begin with something shocking or negative and proceed toward a positive message, but everything they do is highly consistent.

Get Views on Facebook

Be creative and think out of the box

If you do the same thing that 100 people like you do, it is very difficult to grab the spotlight on you. You can do the same thing as what others are doing but in a different way, virtual cash your audience’s attention. Remember that people do not like to engage themselves with long-duration videos or videos whose content is already available on other social media sites, including YouTube.

Therefore, the videos you create need to engage your audience to such an extent that they have an instant connection with you, and your content arouses deep feelings of human emotions within them. When you do so, your audience will not think twice before clicking on the like button, commenting on your videos and at the same time sharing your videos, which means you again increase the number of views that you have on your videos.

Buy Facebook Views

Include the right keywords and tag lines

Keywords are important because they make you accessible to a large crowd that sells the same videos. If you include the right keywords and tag lines or hyperlinks on your videos, then your Facebook users, your potential audience, type the same keyword they get directed towards your video on this platform. It may be a little challenging at the start, but once you understand the process of striking the right keywords, you will enjoy the process and make your videos accessible on Facebook.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Quick delivery

One advantage of buying TikTok likes from is that you will now instantly receive your order within a span of a few hours, depending upon the number of likes you have decided to purchase. As a result, you can instantly see a rise in the number of your followers.

Attractive prices

While buying TikTok likes may seem like they can be difficult to buy and expensive. However, you can easily now buy TikTok likes within a few seconds. You can get hundreds and thousands of TikTok likes at affordable prices with just one click. You pay for what is needed, and there are no hidden charges.

Proven Track Record

We have worked very hard to build a reputation for ourselves. We take pride in what we do. We have skilled staff and a professional team that is always at the forefront and helps improve the quality of our services.

No password required

You can now safely purchase TikTok likes without hassle in just a few steps. If you are wondering about questions like do we need your TikTok profile, yes, we need your username and the URL to the post. Apart from this, we do not require any more information, which includes your account password.

100% safe and confidential

Will anyone come to know whether you have purchased TikTok likes? Well, no one would ever know. This is because we practice ethical business and have agreed that no information will be released.

24/7 hours support

While buying from is easier and has many advantages. One of the benefits you will gain irrespective of what package you are buying is you can get in touch with our support staff, who will always be there to help you in your trouble.

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